Bull calves born 2018

Updated 2018-03-05

All this years bull calves sell via auction at our farm on SATUDAY the 29th of SEPTEMBER.
Bull calves that weighed too much at birth will not be sold at the sale but will be sold for finnishing. 
We welcome buyers from abroad but veterinary and transport costs will by paid by the buyer. 

Birth weights;
We only ever weigh our calves using a EziWeigh, Tru-test scale on a cattle weighing platform. 

In Sweden we have up to 4 days after birth to weigh the calves. The weights are then put into the official computer program where they are adjusted.
If you weigh the calf the first day of life or at 1 day old no adjustment is made. If you wiegh at 2 days old an adjustment of -1kg will be made. At 3 days -2kg and 4 days old -3kg. 
There is also an adjustment made for heifers that calve (in Sweden almost everyone calves in their heifers at 2 years old) 3kg get added to the birth weight. A 2nd calf cow no more than 36 months old gets 2kg added to her calfs weight. 

517 Bårarps Sailor
Born: 2017-12-27
BW 46kg
Sire: Barefoot Mr Youtube
Dam: 929 GPH Jewel fr Jarl
MGS: PP Galtås Jarl. 

518 Bårarps Satisfaction
Born: 2018-01-08
BW 44kg
Sire: Haroldson's Title Shot
Dam: 3160 Oden Delight
MGS: 304 Bårarps Kasablanka

MGS was Grand Champion at Elmia 2011.

Born: 2018-01-15
BW 59kg
Sire: Harvie Dan Hidalgo
Dam: 7299 Bårarps Honeysuckle
MGS: Double-U Real Good

520 Bårarps Solo
Born: 2018-01-16
BW 50kg
Sire: Buck av Folkestorp T-117
Dam: 7384 Bårarps Cosmo Lady
MGS: ÄPH Super Tuborg

His sire is the alltime high selling bull in Sweden. Approved at the performance testing station where he was Best In Test of 30 Hereford bulls. 

MGS, Tuborg, was Supreme Champion at the National show in 2012.

521 Bårarps Sting
Born: 2018-01-17
BW 44kg
Sire: Normanton 1 Laertes
Dam: 7391 Bårarps Princess
MGS: Vokslev Eik

His sire was UK Bull of the Year 2016! He has been Interbreed Champion at the Royal Welsh and the Royal Highland shows in 2016.

522 Bårarps Zoogin (ANGUS)
Born: 2018-01-17
BW 43kg
Sire: VB Usain av Sjövången
Dam: 48 Friskatorpet Erinda
MGS: Rock av Hagen

His dam is so quiet in every way, even after calving. Miranda won the national showmanship competition with her twice. 

His sire is a Swedish AI sire. 

This calf is a twin with a bull

523 Bårarps Zoom
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524 Bårarps Sneakers
*Died at 6 days of age
Born: 2018-01-24
BW 42kg
Sire: Normanton 1 Laertes
Dam: 7369 Bårarps Katie
MGS: Global Force


525 Bårarps Zenith
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Born: 2018-01-28
BW 56kg
Sire: Wirruna Daffy
Dam: 7277 Bårarps Roxanne 
MGS: Cardinal av Munka ET

527 Bårarps Starlight
Born: 2018-01-31
BW 43kg
Sire: Normanton 1 Laertes
Dam: 7325 Bårarps Omega
MGS: Olympus av Munka ET

See another video of Laertes here >>
Dam is an eyecatching, moderate framed cow with amazing udder! See her here >>
Sire of dam, Olympus of Munka ET is full brother to SMH Castro (Sire of the year in the UK) and our own 1647 Munka Katie ET (Supreme Champion, now 13 years old and still going strong) See her on the same page as 7325. 

528 Bårarps Solero
*Owned by Jan Nilsson, Gylteboda. 
Born: 2018-02-02
BW 45kg
Sire: AL 10Y Hometown Big Bang 7MA
Dam: 7420 Bårarps Miss Firefly ET
MGS: Harvie Ringo ET 306U

We sold a half interest in his dam at the elite sale at the Mila National Show where she was Supreme Champion. She was 3rd in Europe in the Champion of the World competition. 
This calf is oozing potential already!

529 Bårarps Shameless
Born: 2018-02-14
BW 49kg
Sire: Normanton 1 Laertes
Dam: 7276 Bårarps Lynette
MGS: Cardinal av Munka ET

You've already seen and heared alot here about his sire, Laertes. His dam is a drop-dead beautifull cow! This calf may be a couple of kilos too heavey for purebred breeding in Sweden but would suit someone with Charolais or Simmental crosses. 

530 Bårarps Stampede
Born: 2018-02-18
BW 45kg
Sire: ÄPH Super Tuborg
Dam: 7395 Bårarps Genna
MGS: Vokslev Eik

Our last calf by one of our favorit bulls ever, Tuborg. 
Both this calfs sire and dam and maternal grand dam have been Supreme Champions. His sire has left the Swedish AI sire, VB Nando and a class winner as well as numerous good females and herd sire. 
His dam, 7395 shares the same dam as Bårarps Johnny who had an amazing show career in Denmark as well as approved, preformance tested sons, AI sire and a Champion son sold to the UK. 

531 Bårarps Zipper 
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