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Soon to be updated!
2018-09-13 Reduction Sale - a heifer entered to the National Show = collection after. 
2018-09-06 Hereford heifer & bull calves 2018 and the Reduction Sale
2018-09-05 Reduction sale - new scratch
2018-09-02 - Reduction sale - lot numbers added & couple of new photo's
2018-09-02 - Reduction sale - couple of more new photo's added. 
2018-08-27; Reduction Sale - some new photo's of in-calf heifers added.
+ HEREFORD herd sires - new photo of ROLEX!
2018-08-23 Reduction sale - some WW added for bull calves. One new scratch. 

After our reduction sale in 2018 we now only have aprox 25 mother cows. We will be updating these pages soon. For the time being, visit the updated version in Swedish, by clicking on the flag. On your mouse, click right and there should come up an option for translation. Or open the website in Google Chrome. 


Welcome to our website!

We run a pedigree herd of Herefords. We also have a few pedigree Angus, New Hampshire hens and pedigree Shetland ponies. We also own productive forest.

Einar & Miranda Lysell.
Address: Slättåkra Bårarp 314, 313 93 Slättåkra, Sweden
Home number: 0046 3569153 Mirandas mobile: 0046 706023678 Einars mobile: 0046 705715097
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