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Our farm is run by husband and wife, Einar & Miranda Lysell. We have a daughter, Christel born in 2000 and in the spring of 2016 we built a limited company together with Einars son, Morgan.

 Einar Lysell, born 1953 was a member of the breeding committee at the Swedish Hereford Association for 10 years and is now a board member at NAB (National Association of Beef breeds)
He has judged showmanship, Dairy, in Finland and the National Beef Breed Showmanship in Sweden 2017 and Youth showmanship ealier in the 2000s Einar has also judged Herefords in Denmark and Norway, Charolais and Blonde D' Aquitatine in Sweden. 
Einar has also judged the Champion of the World competition for Angus and Wagyu in 2016
Einar is like a dictionary where it comes to breeding. He bred Holstiens for 30 years before going over to Herefords in 2002. Einar is the 4th generation on his farm.

Einars English is ok, but not very good on the phone (!) But you can send an email;   

Miranda Lysell born 1972, is the web co-ordinator for the World Hereford Council. I am also the webmaster for NAB - The National Association of Beef breeds and elected onto the board of the Swedish Angus Association autumn 2017.

I worked for the Swedish Hereford Association from 2002-2017 as web co-ordinator, editor of the magazine and was secretary for 7 years taking part as an official at two world conferences and two European conferences. 

My name growing up was Miranda Priddy. At about the age of 20 i changed my name to Miranda Harding (taken my stepfathers name). I am from Cheshire in England and have lived in Sweden since 1994.
I have judged Herefords in Norway, Finland, Northern Ireland, and France and Jersey and Brown Swiss in Finland and showmanship in Sweden and internationally. I have also judged the Champion of the World Competition for Angus and Wagyu in 2016.
I am proud to have won the national showmanship competition four times (for two different Swedish judges and two Canadians) I have also won the Danish National Showmanship competition. Have also held showing courses in Sweden, Norway and Finland.
You are welcome to ring me or send an email.
My telephone number is +46 70 602 36 78 email: 

Photo taken at Bonanza in Canada Photo taken at Bonanza in Canada
Christel Lysell born 2000.
Loves cattle and horses and isn't affraid to get muck under her finger nails! She loves showing and does all her prep work her self. She has a few females of her own.
When Christel isn't showing cattle, she rides and has competed in pony trotting, and is at collage studying to be a chef.

Christel was honored to be invited to Canada for 3 weeks in 2017, by Jill & Cole Harvie where she showed a heifer for them at Bonanza.

Einars son, Morgan, began working on our farm in February 2015 at age 32. He has now gone in as a partner with us and we built a limited company in the spring of 2016.
Morgan was very good at showing the Holsteins and won many showmanship competitions as a youngster. He went to agricultural collage, but then got a job at a roofing company where he worked for many years. His free time was mainly speant working for a friend who has a contracting firm.
These days Morgan is mainly interested in machinery which neither Einar nor myself are interested or knowledgable about at all.

We live on the south west coast of Sweden. Only 10km from the motorway E6. 2hrs south of Gothenburg and 2hrs north of Malmö.
Visitors always welcome!

Slättåkra Bårarp 314
313 93 Slättåkra

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