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We always have quality cattle for sale! Visitors are always welcome!

Some of the successfull bulls born at Bårarp ;

  • Bårarps Impala T-105 born 2008; Approved performance tested bull
  • Bårarps Jaguar T-110 born 2009; Winner of the SIRE-Prize "Sire of the year" at Elmia 2013, 2 x Senior Champion and approved performance tested bull.
  • Bårarps Johnny born 2009; Champion bull calf, Agromek 2009 (Danish National Show), Supreme Champion, Agromek 2010. Sire of champions and an AI bull, Bondes 1 Gilbert in Denmark.
  • Bårarps Kinky born 2010; Champion bull calf, Agromek 2010 (Danish National Show
  • Bårarps Kasablanka born 2010; 2 x Grand Champion, sire of Kenny av Oden T-106, an approved, performance tested bull.
  • Bårarps Lanni T-102 born 2011; An approved, performance tested bull.
  • Bårarps Las Vegas born 2011; Sire of the AI bull, VB Ares av Folkestorp, approved at the performance testing station.
  • Bårarps Legolas born 2011; two sons are at this years performance testing station and are doing very well.
  • Bårarps Memphis born 2012; Champion bull calf, Reserve Grand Champion, Swedish National Hereford Show 2012, Reserve Grand, Mila 2014
  • Bårarps Morgan born 2012; Reserve Champion bull calf, Swedish National Hereford Show 2012
  • Bårarps Manolito born 2012; 2nd place at Swedish National Hereford Show 2012, sold to Marten Koiter, Holland.
  • Bårarps Nashville born 2013; Grand Champion, the national show at Elmia 2013
  • Bårarps Nando T-108 born 2013; (VB Nando of Bårarp) AI sire at VikingGenetics and approved, performance tested bull.
  • Bårarps Passionate Kiss, born 2015; Chosen as "Pick of the herd" at the Elite sale at Mila 2015, by Galtås Hereford, went on to become Junior Champion and Reserve Grand Champion at the Elmia National Show 2015 (beat an AI bull in the championship only 8 months old)

Females that have proved them selves;

  • BPH Wittey born 2004; Champion female Mila 2005.
  • 7053 BPH Omega ET born 04; 1st place, Elmia 2005, dam of Bårarps Jaguar T-110 (see above)
  • 7122 BPH Wittey born 2006; Champion female, Mila 2007
  • 7125 BPH Unique born 2006; Reserve Champion female Mila 2007.
  • 1647 Munka Katie ET born 2005; Supreme Champion Swedish National Hereford Show 2008 in conjunction with the WHC.
  • 7196 BPH Katie born 2008; 1st place at Swedish National Hereford Show 2008, dam of Bårarps Nashville (see above)
  • 1651 Munka Amory ET born 2005; dam of Bårarps Morgan (see above) and 7339 Bårarps Amory, 1st place Mila 2014.
  • 1678 Munka Jackie ET born 2007; Champion heifer Swedish National Hereford Show 2008, Supreme Champion & 2nd Best In Show, Elmia 2011.
  • 1688 Munka Lady ET born 2007; Reserve Champion, Mila 2009 and Reserve Grand Champion, Elmia 2011. A daughter is sold to Marten Koiter, Holland
  • 55 Velvetee av Tahe; Dam of Bårarps Kinky (see above)
  • 7154 Bårarps Omega born 2007; Dam of Bårarps Las Vegas (see above)
  • 7213 Bårarps Donna; Dam of Bårarps Memphis (see above)
  • 7248 Bårarps Katie; Dam of AI sire Bårarps Nando T-108 (see above)
  • 7218 Bårarps Unique; Dam of Bårarps Impala T-105 (see above)
  • 7252 Bårarps Genna born 2010; Supreme Champion Mila 2011.
  • 1 ÄPH Tracy Trix. Reserve Junior Champion Swedish National Hereford Show 2012.
  • 7271 Bårarps Sandy born 2010; 2nd at Elmia 2011.
  • 7338 Bårarps Catalina born 2013; 1st from 9, Elmia 2013.
  • 7339 Bårarps Amory born 2013; 2st place & Reserve Champion, Mila 2014.
  • 7395 Bårarps Genna born 2015; Reserve Grand Champion at Elmia 2015. Supreme Champion at Mila 2016.
  • 7420 Bårarps Miss Firefly ET; Champion female Mila 2017

None for sale at the moment, but we are expecting six calves 2018.

Shetland ponies
No ponies for sale at the moment, but we are expecting three foals 2018

Hatching eggs, hens, cockrals
We will soon have eggs for hatching for sale. We will be going to the National Show in November. Read more here >>

Other things for sale
We have wonderfull belt buckles for sale with a Hereford on them. Go to the Swedish version of the website and click on "Butik"