Bull calves born November 2013 and after

Some new photo's added 2014-09-11

397 Bårarps Olle W
*Sold to Sven Allan Ivarsson, Falkenberg*
Born: 2013-11-22
BW 36kg WW 304kg
Sire: Vokslev Eik
Dam: 7298 Bårarps Gate
MGS: BPH Hector

BPH Hector is a son of K-Cow Nacho Man ET and his dam is 190 Moeskaer Sandy.

400 Bårarps Onyx

Born: 2014-01-02
BW 47kg. WW 342kg
Sire: Square-D Diesel
Dam: 1688 Munka Lady ET (Lady Roxanne)
MGS: Remitall Rob Roy.

We hope that Onyx will live up to his name  which is a precious stone.  His dam was Reserve Champion at Mila 2009 as a heifer and then Reserve Grand Champion at Elmia 2011.

403 Bårarps Oolala
Born: 2014-02-27
BW 37kg. WW 262kg
Sire: Lunda Etyl
Dam: 7325 Bårarps Omega
MGS: Olympus av Munka ET

406 Bårarps One Direction
Is at the performance testing station
Born: 2014-03-02
BW 44kg WW 311kg
Sire: 353 Bårarps Memphis
Dam: 7210 Bårarps Unique
MGS: BPH Super Star ET
MGGS; CS Boomer

Sire was Reserve Grand Champion at both SNHS 2012 & Mila 2014. Dam, 7210, leaves fantastic calves. Maternal grandsire is an ET import by CS Boomer.

409 Bårarps Othello
Born: 2014-03-18
BW 42kg WW 338kg
Sire: Cardinal av Munka ET
Dam: 70 Beauty av Tahe
MGS: Harvie Extra

Sire is a son of HF 4L Beyond. He has sired Bårarps Kasablanka 2 x Grand Champion. His dam should be seen to!

398 Bårarps Ivar (Charolais)
Born: 2013-12-11
BW 39kg WW 327kg YW 534kg
Sire: Manolito
Dam: 7307 Bårarps Taquine


401 Bårarps
Born: 2014-01-11
BW 51kg WW 353kg YW 577kg
Sire: VB Dalle av Herrgölet
Dam: 1647 Munka Katie ET
MGS: Remitall Olympian

Dam was Supreme Champion at the Swedish National Hereford Show 2008. Judge; Ian Harvie


404 Bårarps Oklahoma
*Sold to Peter Hjalmarsson, Huseby*
Born: 2014-03-01
BW 48kg WW 362kg
Sire: ÄPH Super Tuborg
Dam: 7277 Bårarps Roxanne
MGS: Cardinal av Munka ET

An exiting bull calf.  His sire was Supreme Champion at the Swedish National Hereford Show 2012 and maternal grand dam, 1688 Munka Lady ET is 2 x Reserve Champion. 1688 has a daughter sold to Marten Koiter, Holland.

407 Bårarps Overton
Born: 2014-03-07
BW 62kg WW 380kg
Sire: Dunder av Ingemanstorp T-113
Dam: 7221 Bårarps Lisa
MGS: K-Cow NachoMan

410 Bårarps Orkan (Scured)
Born: 2014-03-19
BW 44kg WW 295kg
Sire: Lunda Etyl
Dam: 7316 Bårarps Catalina
MGS: Bårarps Krutov

His sire, Lunda Etyl has also sired Bårarps Nevada T-104 who is one of the two Hereford bulls with the highest score for marbling at the performance testing station.
His dam, 7316 is from the Remitall Catalina Intense 17N family. Maternal Grandsire, Bårarps Krutov is by a fullbrother to Bårarps Jaguar!

399 Bårarps Odd
*Sold to Björn Kristiansson, Slöinge*
Born: 2013-12-16
BW 42kg. WW 308kg
Sire: Skall DNA testas
Dam: 7270 Bårarps Donna
MGS: Venture Moler ET


402 Bårarps
Born: 2014-01-13
BW 55kg WW 359kg YW 595kg
Sire: VB Dalle av Herrgölet
Dam: 7122 BPH Wittey
MGS: Moeskaer Devon

Dam was Champion at Mila in 2007.


405 Bårarps Toddy (ANGUS)
Born: 2014-02-01
BW 41kg WW 362kg
Sire: Real Deal av Sjövången
Dam: 5560 Friskatorpet Bambina
MGS: Malt av Sjövången

Sire was Supreme Champion at Mila 2013.
Dam is a very quiet cow and was used in our showing courses last year.

408 Bårarps Overdrive
Is at the performance testing station
Born: 2014-03-12
BW 43kg WW 337kg
Sire: Cardinal av Munka ET
Dam: 7213 Bårarps Donna
MGS: Star Tohon

Dam is the highest cow on the TMI list with + 28. She is the dam of Bårarps Memphis who was Reserve Grand Champion at SNHS 2012 & Reserve Champion at Mila 2014.

411 Bårarps Ohio (Horned)
Born 2014-04-12
Bw 39kg. WW
Sire: Lunda Etyl
Dam: 7127 Bårarps Honeysuckle
MGS: Adav of Herrgölet