Bull Calves 2016

Updated 2017-02-13

Bulls (and females) are highly documented!

  • We register birth weights, weaning weights and yearling weights!
    All weights are official and adjusted in the database.
    No calves get fed creep (the use of growth hormones is forbidden in Sweden) and we are organic. 
    Our bull calves get fed 2kg organic pellets at the most from weaning till they are weighed as yearlings. 
    Our calves do of course have breeding values. 
    Mix is the maternal index, Pix for production and Fix the calving index. 100 is average. Any number higher is better than average. Aix is the Total Merit Index. Animals with not many relatives in Sweden will have very low accuracy in the breeding values. 
  • Highest health status!
    We can export to almost any country in the world due to Swedens high health status
  • Top pedigrees!
    We only use the very best available genetics in our program
  • Trust us!
    We NEVER sell any bulls for breeding that have birth wieghts over 48kg.
    We will NEVER sell bulls that have any defects (feet, scrotum, temperament etc)
    If we don't have the bull we think you are looking for we will help find it in another herd - we won't sell you something we think won't suit your needs!

If you are interested in any of the calves below, please get in touch as soon as possible. Our best calves are always reserved before weighing at weaning. Should any calf not meet the weaning weight expected, the reserve will be taken off for you. We test some calves for genetic defects and for the polled gene. We can test any you wish at our cost.

442 Bårarps Q
*Not for sale for breeding
Born: 2015-10-05
BW 50kg WW 248kg
Sire: Bårarps Morgan
Dam: 7298 Bårarps Gate
MGS: 142 Bårarps Hector

Mix 105 Pix 103 Fix 94 Aix +2

443 Bårarps Prelud
*Sold to Bengt Nilsson, Tyringe
Born: 2015-10-17
BW 45kg WW 320kg YW 553kg
Sire: Bårarps Morgan
PGS: Olympus of Munka ET
PGD: 1651 Munka Mary ET
Dam: 7276 Bårarps Lynette
MGS: Munka Cardinal ET

Mix 103 Pix 114 Fix 101 Aix +10

This calf is grass fed only and has a very good yearling weight considering that!

Bårarps Morgan was Reserve Champion bull calf at the Swedish National Hereford Show in 2013. Dam is by one of our greatest herd sires ever.

This calf is HOT!

444 Bårarps Q
*Not for sale for breeding
Born: 2015-11-16
BW 52kg WW 338kg YW 576kg
Sire: VB Nando av Bårarp
Dam: 7317 Bårarps Lisa
MGS: Olympus av Munka ET

Mix 102 Pix 118 Fix 96 Aix +10

445 died in a storm
446 is a Hereford x Charolais.

447 Bårarps
Born: 2015-12-05
BW 36kg
Sire: VB Nando av Bårarp
Dam: 7358 Bårarps Sandy
MGS: Square-D Diesel

This calf has a nerve injury

Mix 95 Pix 105 Fix 126 Aix +4

448 Bårarps Qvota
Born: 2015-12-13
BW 47kg WW 262kg YW 495kg
Sire: VB Nando av Bårarp T-108
Dam: 7186 Bårarps Princess
MGS: Lamport's Magnum

Mix 101 Pix 106 Fix 106 Aix +7

This calf is not the hottest we have, but is very warm!

449 Bårarps Quartz
Born: 2015-12-15
BW 47kg WW 280kg YW 546kg
Sire: Haroldson's Title Shot
Dam: 1688 Munka Lady ET (Lady Roxanne)
MGS: Remitall RobRoy

Mix 103 Pix 112 Fix 114 Aix +13

A really exiting calf! 1688s last years bull calf was sold at auction as pick of the herd and went on to be namned Reserve Grand Champion bull! One sister is sold to Holland and another has been linear scored with VG 89.
1688 her self has been 2 x Reserve Grand Champion. (She is a tank of a cow!)

This calf is SUPER-HOT!

450 Bårarps 
*Not for sale for breeding
Born: 2015-12-21
BW 52kg WW 302kg YW 516kg
Sire: VB Nando av Bårarp T-108
Dam: 7243 Bårarps Unique
MGS: Rockstar av Tahe

451 Bårarps Qwantum
Born: 2015-12-23
BW 46kg WW 279kg YW 491kg
Sire: VB Ares av Folkestorp T113
Dam: 7662 Bårarps Katie
MGS: NBG The Wonderer

Mix 110 Pix 117 Fix 93 Aix +13

Our first calf by the Swedish AI bull, VB Ares! Ares dam is a great producer with loads of eye apeal. Be exiting to follow this little guy who is backed by a strong cow family even on his dams side.

Not the hottest calf we have, but very warm!

452 Bårarps Quattro
*Sold to Haby Herefords, Skene
Born: 2016-01-04
BW 39kg WW 311kg YW 508kg
Sire: VB Nando av Bårarp T-108
Dam: 929 GPH Jewel
MGS: PP Galtås Jarl (Res Champ)
MGGS: Cardinal av Munka ET

What an exiting calf! Our first from the Jewel family (929 is an ET import from Canada by Star America). Not enough room here to write all the sucess within pedigree both on dam and sires side!

He is HOT!

453 Bårarps Quilchena HYF
*This calf is at the performance testing station. 
Homozygous polled
Born: 2016-01-06
BW 41kg WW 333kg
Far: Haroldson's Title Shot
Dam: 1651 Munka Mary ET (Amory)
MGS: FCC Maddux

Mix 102 Pix 105 Fix 119 Aix + 8

A calf with amazing potential! Siblings from the same dam have either done well at shows or at the performance testing station. Pure Canadian breeding.
Suitable for use on heifers

This calf is SUPER-HOT!

454 Bårarps Quando
Born: 2016-01-09
BW 38kg WW 304kg YW 492kg
Sire: VB Nando av Bårarp T-108
Dam: 7359 Bårarps Omega
MGS: Vokslev Eik
MGGS: Remitall Online

Mix 103 Pix 102 Fix 117 Aix +8

A really exiting calf and his dams first calf. Should be a producer and do well in the show ring.
Suitable for use on heifers

455 Bårarps Qvipper HYF
*Sold to Erling Bengtsson, Torup.
Homozygous polled
Born: 2016-01-26
BW 47kg WW 334kg
Sire:  JSF Dice
Dam: 7300 Bårarps Katie
MGS: Harvie Jackpot

Mix 111 Pix 111 Fix 107 Aix +16

A great looking calf out of a tank of a cow. Same cow family as the AI sire VB Nando

He is HOT!

456 Bårarps Quick
Born: 2016-02-07
BW 46kg WW 313kg
Sire: ÄPH Super Tuborg
Dam: 7127 Bårarps Honeysuckle
MGS: Adam av Herrgölet

Mix 96 Pix 103 Fix 105 Aix +1

Sire is a Supreme Champion and sire of the AI sire, VB Nando. Dam is from an old English cow family with a Canadian bred sire.

Not the hotest we have, but very warm!

457 Bårarps Qwando
*Sold to Svante Gustafsson, Vårgårda
Born: 2016-02-07
BW 46kg WW 349kg
Sire: ÄPH Super Tuborg
Dam: 7248 Bårarps Katie

Mix 99 Pix 107 Fix 111 Aix +8

Full brother to the AI sire VB Nando! Oozes potential! Definatly a must have!

This calf is SUPER-HOT!

458 Bårarps Quiplash
Born: 2016-02-10
BW 43kg WW 284kg
Sire: 403 Bårarps Oolala (Se herd sires)
Dam: 7365 Bårarps Lisa
MGS: NBG The Wonderer

Mix 108 Pix 111 Fix 101 Aix +11

Dam is one of our most eyecatching first calf cows! What a great looking calf! Perfect for heifers.

This calf is HOT!

Video here >> https://www.facebook.com/Bararp-Hereford-136208506408999/

459 Bårarps Quincy
Born: 2016-02-15
BW 42kg WW 301kg
Sire: ÄPH Super Tuborg
Dam: 7313 Bårarps Katie
MGS: Olympus av Munka ET

Mix 96 Pix 110 Fix 112 Aix +8

What will be of this one? Sire is a Supreme champion and sire of the AI sire, VB Nando who is out of the same cow family as this calf.The maternal Grand Sire is full brother to SMH Castro who was Sire of the year in England.
Suitable for use on heifers.

This one is HOT!

460 Bårarps Qvizote HYF
*SOLD to Erling Bengtsson, Torup
Homozygous polled
Born: 2016-02-20
BW 47kg WW 360kg
Sire: ÄPH Super Tuborg
Dam: 7277 Bårarps Roxanne
MGs: Cardinal av Munka ET

Mix 96 Pix 114 Fix 106 Aix +9

Sire is a supreme champion and sire of VB Nando, Swedish AI sire. The dam of this calf is one of our most eye catching young cows. Fantastic legs, udder and teats and so much wow factor! She is linear scored with VG 89

He's HOT!

461 Bårarps Quentin CL
Born: 2016-02-29
BW 43kg WW 301kg
Sire: Bårarps Oaklaholma (see herd sires)
Dam: 7370 Bårarps Tracy CL
MGS: Square-D Diesel

He has a umbilical hernia and will not be sold for breeding
The dam was BEST IN SHOW FEMALE AT Mila 2015

462 Bårarps Quebec HYF
*This calf is at the performance testing station
Homozygous polled
Born: 2016-03-01
BW 41kg WW 297kg
Sire: Bårarps Memphis
Dam: 7270 Bårarps Donna
MGS: Venture Moler ET

Mix 109 Pix 124 Fix 112 Aix +23 which put him 3rd on the list of highest index bull calves born this year!

Same dam as Bårarps Pesto T-112 who is an approved preformance tested bull and sold at the sale for 85.000SEK

His sire, Bårarps Memphis was champion bull calf and Reserve Grand Champion at the National show in 2012. He is now sold to Marten Koiter in Holland where he scored EX 90 in the linear scoring. This is 7270s fourth calf and she has not had a singel one over 42kgs.
This calf is SUPER-HOT!

Film HERE >>

463 Bårarps Queensman HYF
*Sold to David & Arne André, Lidköping
Homozygous polled
Born: 2016-03-06
BW 44kg WW 331kg
Sire: Bårarps Memphis
Dam: 1650 Munka Donna ET
MGS: Remitall Olympian.

Mix 110 Pix 124 Fix 113 Aix +24 which puts him 2nd on the list of highest index bull calves born this year. 

Bårarps Memphis was champion bull calf and Reserve Grand Champion at the National show in 2012. He is now sold to Marten Koiter in Holland where he scored EX 90 in the linear scoring.
His dam, 1650 is one of our top cows and granddam of Bårarps Pesto T-112

This calf is SUPER-HOT!

464 Bårarps Queensland HYF
*Sold to Peter Hjalmarsson, Huseby
Homozygous polled
Born: 2016-03-08
BW 44kg WW 342kg
Sire: ÄPH Super Tuborg
Dam: 7254 Bårarps Catalina
MGS: Munka Raider ET T-105

Mix 95 Pix 106 Fix 114 Aix +5

His dam is the highest linear scored cow in our herd.
This calf is full brother to Denna 7338 Bårarps Catalina who won her class from 9 at Elmia 2013 when PJ Budler judged.
His sire was Supreme Champion at the national show in 2012 and is also sire of the Swedish AI sire, VB Nando of Bårarp T108...
This calf is SUPER HOT!

465 Bårarps
Born: 2016-03-08
*Not for sale as a breeding bull!
BW 54kg WW 276kg
Sire: ÄPH Super Tuborg
Dam: 7154 Bårarps Omega
MGS: K-Cow NachoMan

466 Bårarps Qurator
Born: 2016-03-09
BW 48kg WW 327kg
Sire: Bårarps Memphis
Dam: 55 Velvetee av Tahe
MGS: Harvie Jackpot

Mix 111 Pix 124 Fix 101 Aix +20

A slightly heavyer calf.
His sire, Bårarps Memphis was champion bull calf and Reserve Grand Champion at the National show in 2012. He is now sold to Marten Koiter in Holland where he scored EX 90 in the linear scoring.
Shares the same dam as Bårarps Kinky who was sold to Denmark where he became Champion bull calf at Agromek.
This little fellow lost his dam at a very young age but has done amazingly well! 

A kilo or two less in birth weight and this calf would have been hot!

467 Bårarps Varenne
(Angus) Go to the Angus calf page.
Mix 101 Pix 108 Fix 109 Aix +13

468 Bårarps Qvibille
Born: 2016-03-19
BW 46kg 200D 300kg
Sire: Bårarps Memphis
Dam: 7342 Bårarps Honeysuckle
MGS: Cardinal of Munka ET

Mix 102 Pix 112 Fix 110 Aix +12

En exiting bull if you're looking for production! Despite his high value for easy calving (Fix) i would reccomend he be used on a group of cows only the first year. 

469 Black Baldie 

470 Quite Amazing
*Sold to L & M Malshult HB, Osby
Born: 2016-04-02
BW 42kg WW 321kg
Sire: Bårarps Oaklaholma 
Dam: 7369 Bårarps Katie
MGS: Global Force

We had a Holstein cow, 470 Eva who was national champion in 1999 and when we sold off the Dairy cows, she was sold to Finland where she became the Finnish national champion at 10 years of age. What luck that such a great calf got this number to!
His sire is out of 1688 Munka Lady ET who has been Reserve Grand Champion twice, has a daughter sold to Marten Koiter in Holland and a son who was sold as pick of the herd at a sale to the chairman of our Hereford association, and later became Reserve Grand Champion at Elmia in 2015 beating an AI sire at only 10 months old! 
 This calfs dam is half sister (same dam) as the Swedish AI sire, VB Nando av Bårarp T-108.

This calf is SUPER-HOT!

471 Bårarps Qvador
Born: 2016-04-05
BW 42kg
Sire: Bårarps Oklahoma
Dam: 7356 Bårarps Honeysuckle
MGS: VB Dalle av Herrgölet (Swedish AI sire)

Mix 97 Pix 115 Fix 114 Aix +11

dam of this calfs sire is linear scored with VG 89! and his sire is our Supreme Champion bull ÄPH Super Tuborg. 

This calf is hot!

472 Black Baldie

473 Bårarps Qvarry
Born: 2016-04-19
BW 45kg 200D 343kg
Sire: ÄPH Super Tuborg
Dam: 7091 BPH Princess
MGS Moeskaer Devon

Mix 104 Pix 108 Fix 110 Aix +11

A calf our of one of our oldest cows, still going strong!

474 Bårarps Qazim
Born: 2016-05-01
BW 47kg 200D 314kg
Sire: Bårarps Orkan
Dam: 7376 Bårarps Princess
MGS: ÄPH Super Tuborg

Sired by a home bred bull with following weights: BW 44kg WW 295kg YW 520kg. MGS, Super Tuborg is a Supreme Champion winner.

475 Black Baldie

476 Red Baldie


477 Bårarps Qvintas
Born: 2016-07-15
BW 43kg
Sire: ÄPH Super Tuborg
Dam: 7344 Bårarps Lisa MM
MGS: Red Gate Redford