Our cows

"Behind every good sire, there's a strong cow family"

On this page we present our foundation females.          

1688 Munka Lady ET alias Lady Roxanne 1688 Munka Lady ET alias Lady Roxanne

1688 Munka Lady  ET (We call her Lady Roxanne)
Born March 2008.
BW 37kg WW 307 YW 478.
Resulting heifer calfs will be named Roxanne.

Sire: Remitall Rob Roy 115R
Dam: Bar-Rz 23M Roxanne 81R
MGS: Bar-Rz 5J Mercury 23M
Maternal grand dams sire: Jsf Nibbs 60G

Her dam was champion Junior Female Farm Fair 2006 in Canada. Her maternal granddam, Bar-RZ 60G Leah ET 8L has raised some great females. The 2008 heifer calf Champion at Farm Fair was a daughter to her. Her Great maternal, grand dam 17X is the back bone of the BAR-RZ herd and has produced a National Champion Female

7301 Bårarps Roxanne 7301 Bårarps Roxanne
and Reserve Senior Champion Bull at the Calgary Bull Sale. Her sire, Rob Roy is by Remitall Govenor and his dam is Remitall Catalina Intense 17N

Reserve Grand Champion Female Elmia 2011
Reserve Champion Female Mila 2009

A daughter to Lady Roxanne, 7301 Bårarps Roxanne, is sold to Marten Kojter, Holland.
Bårarps Passionate Kiss Bårarps Passionate Kiss

Bårarps Passionate Kiss, a son of 1688 and Bare Mr You Tube, was chosen as Pick of the Herd (from 2015 bull calf crop) which we offered for sale at the elite auction at the Mila show 2015. Passion became Reserv Grand Champion, at Elmia 2015, beating an AI sire and other great bulls.

1691 Munka Catalina ET 1691 Munka Catalina ET

1691 Munka Catalina ET.
Born 2008.
BW 37kg WW 307 YW 467kg

Sire: DR World Class 517 10H
Dam: Remitall Catalina Intense 17N
MGS: Remitall Online.

Her dam was Canadian National Champion Senior Female 2004 and Grand Champion Female  Farm Fair 2006 In Canada. Both parents have super EPDS!

7338 Bårarps Catalina 7338 Bårarps Catalina

Daughter of 1691 Munka Catalina ET, 7338 Bårarps Catalina by 7001 ÄPH Super Tuborg. She won her class from 9 entries at Elmia 2013, shown by our daughter, Christel
1678 Munka Jackie ET 1678 Munka Jackie ET

Born 2007.
All eventual daughters of both Munka Jackie and Munka Lisa will be called Lisa after Haroldson's Lisa Sport.
BW 40Kg WW 305kg YW 455kg
Sire: Star OBF Bogart 5L
Dam: Haroldson's Lisa Sport 5H
MGS: GK Sport 562B

Supreme Champion Hereford and Grand Champion female, Elmia 2011. Judge: Mariaana Von Limburg-Stirum


Munka Lisa ET Munka Lisa ET

A full sister, Munka Lisa ET was purchased in 2008 at the same auction as Munka Catalina and Munka Lady. We bought her together with Galtås Hereford.

Munka Lisa ET Champion Female at Mila 2009!

1651 Munka Mary ET 1651 Munka Mary ET

 1651 Munka Mary ET
Born 2005.
BW 35kg WW 240kg YW 382Kg.

Sire: FCC 60G Maddux 4L
Dam: DXB 203E Amory 10G
MGS: Saddle-Valley  Heisman 203E

Bought at the final dispersal of the Munka herd. Her sire, Maddux was Grand Champion at the Toronto Royal Show 2003. He has sired many Champions.

7339 Bårarps Amory 7339 Bårarps Amory
Her son, Bårarps Morgan was Reserv Bull calf Champion at Swedish National Hereford Show in 2012.
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A daughter of 1651 Munka Mary ET, 7339 Bårarps Amory placed 3rd from 9 at Elmia 2013 and was Reserv Champion at Mila in 2014.
Photo taken at Elmia and the National Showmanship class that Miranda won (from 16) Judge: Cole Hamilton
1651 is also the dam of an approved performance tested bull, Bårarps Player T-102.
55 Velvetee av Tahe 55 Velvetee av Tahe

55 Velvetee av Tahe
Born. 2004. BW 41kg WW 295kg YW 492kg
Sire. Harvie Jackpot
Dam. 46
MGS. Lamport's 75A Rock Solid 63J

Bought at the dispersal of the Tahe herd.

Dam of Bårarps Kinky, Champion Bull calf at Agromek in Denmark, 2010, judge; Gerald Blandford, U.K.

1647 Munka Katie ET with her hiefer calf 7196 1647 Munka Katie ET with her hiefer calf 7196

Born 2005
BW 43kg WW 295Kg YW 405kg
Sire: Remitall Olympian
Dam: DXB 60G KATIE 58M.
Sire of dam: JSF Nibbs 60G
MGD: Remitall Alvina 141

VB Nando av Bårarp T-108 VB Nando av Bårarp T-108

1647 Munka Katie ET was supreme champion from 70 entries at the Swedish National Hereford Show held in conjunction with the world conference in 2008, Judge, Ian Harvie.
1647's daughter, 7196 won the heifer calf class. She is great granddam to the AI sire, VB Nando of Bårarp T-108


Bårarps Nashville Bårarps Nashville

 Bårarps Nashville was named Grand Champion at the Elmia National Show in 2013. His owner, Olle W Larsson, Oden Hereford, booked Nashville as a three week old baby. Nashville moved to his new home after the show.
Judge: PJ Budler.

1650 Munka Donna ET 1650 Munka Donna ET

1650 Munka Donna ET.
Born 2005
BW 44kg WW 268Kg YW 387kg
Sire: Remitall Olympian
Dam: Saddel-Valley 46B Donna 933H.
MGS: Remitall Boomer 46B.

Her first calf was one of the best heifers we had that year with YW 406kg and realy good looks by our own BPH Hollywood. She sold for 40.000SEK after a visitor saw her here. She was not for sale we said, but they had to have her!
This yeas she has a terrific heifer by Star Tohon.

Bårarps Memphis Bårarps Memphis
Bårarps Memphis is 1650's grand son by Harvie Dan Hidalgo. He was Reserv Grand Champion at both his shows, one of which was as a calf. He is a sire of a performance tested bull, Hamras Dalton T-105 and in Feb 2016 he was sold to Marten Koiter in Holland.

Memphis is linear scored in Holland with the following result:
Development 95, breed type 87, muscles 89, legs 89, overall appearance EX90 (!)
7125 BPH Unique 7125 BPH Unique

7125 BPH Unique
Born 2006.
BW 46kg, WW 265kg, YW 451kg

Dam: Unique St av Brunared 194
Sire: Huth Prospector
MGS: Stockmaster ET av Brunared

Reserve Champion female Mila 2007

7271 Bårarps Sandy 7271 Bårarps Sandy

7271 Bårarps Sandy
Born: December 2010
BW 41kg WW 290kg YW 445kg.
Sire: Cardinal av Munka ET.
Dam: 190 Moeskaer Sandy (Imp Danmark)
MGS: WTK Heston

Reserve Junior Champion Female, Elmia, 2011. Judge, Mariaana Von Limburg Stirum.

7053 BPH Omega ET 7053 BPH Omega ET

Born 2004.
BW 41kg WW 268kg YW 455kg
Sire: Remitall Online.
Dam: Bar 75 Omega.
MGS: Nick The Butler

Tested free for Hypotrichosis

Omega won her class at Elmia 2005


247 Bårarps Jaguar T-110 247 Bårarps Jaguar T-110
247 Bårarps Jaguar T-110 is a son of 7053 BPH Omega ET and by K-Cow Nacho Man ET. He was the record selling bull ever in Sweden at the time of the sale of aprooved performance tested bulls, going under the hammer for 77.000SEK. Since then he has taken two Senior Champion titles and one Reserve Grand. He has also won the first ever SIRE-Prize where performance tested bulls of several beef breeds are judged on offspring performance as well as being judged together in the show ring.
We have a full sister to Jaguar in our herd (7154)
7252 Bårarps Genna 7252 Bårarps Genna

7252 Bårarps Genna
Born: 2010.
BW 44kg WW 305kg YW 460kg
Sire: Star Tohon
Dam: 7095 BPH Genna
MGS: Danne av Brunared

Breeding values: MIX 110 PIX 125 FIX 92 AIX +17

This is the grand daughter of the first Genna we bought.
Supreme Champion  Mila 2011. Judge: Jens-Mikael Jensen.

Bårarps Johnny Bårarps Johnny
7252 Bårarps Jenna is maternal sister to the, in Denmark, wellknown bull Bårarps Johnny.
Johnny was Champion Bull Calf at Agromek 2009 and the following year he was named Supreme Champion at the same show! His has produced several champions in Denmark both sons and a daughter. One son, Bondes 1 Hubert, Supreme Champion i Herning 2012 was later sold to the judge, Mr Reg Hutchins, UK.
Another son Bondes 1 Gilbert, a Grand Champion winner and aprooved performance tested bull  was sold to AI company VikingGenetics.
7395 Bårarps Genna 7395 Bårarps Genna

7395 Bårarps Genna, daughter of 7252 won her class at the Elmia national show in 2015 and was Reserv Champion. At Mila 2016 she was Best In breed and 2nd in the interbreed championship. She is by the Danish AI sire, Vokslev Eik. Judges: Lennart Svensson & Eva Nilsson.

7122 BPH Wittey 7122 BPH Wittey

7122 BPH WITTEY. (Originaly spelt Withey)
Born 2006. BW 46kg WW 285kg YW 454kg
Dam: 340 Wittey av Lörsta
Sire: Moeskaer Devon
Maternal grandsire: Drabant av Herrgölet

Champion Female Mila 2007

7091 BPH Princess 7091 BPH Princess

7091 BPH Princess
Born: 2005
BW 43kg. WW 259kg. YW 356kg.
Sire: Moeskaer Devon
Dam: 207 Princess av Backen (H)
MHS: Jarl av Munka (H)

Breeding values: MIX 117 PIX 103 FIX 96 AIX +10

Princess is a cow family origionaly from England

We have sold a daughter of 7091 to a breeder in Holland

1 Älmestad Tracy Trix 1 Älmestad Tracy Trix

 1 Älmestad Tracy Trix
Born: 2011-02-18.
BW 39kg WW 264kg YW 380kg
Sire: Wilgor SQD Big Northern
Dam: 284 Moeskaer Tracy
MGS: Moeskaer Aragon.

Breeding values: MIX 108 PIX 113 FIX 102 AIX +13

We bought Tracy because Christel borrowed her for her first showmanship competition in 2011 and fell in love with her!

In 2012 Christel showed Tracy to the Reserve Champion Junior Female title at the Swedish National Hereford Show 2012! Judge: Fredrik Persson
Her daughter by Square-D Diesel was Supreme Champion at Mila 2015 and Interbreed Champion (Best In Show Beef breed female!) Judges: Karin Karlsson & Johan Sandström

1 Älmestad Tracy Trix
1 Älmestad Tracy Trix
7370 Bårarps Tracy CL
7370 Bårarps Tracy CL