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2018-03-17 Hereford and Angus bulls born 2017

2018-03-07 Hereford bulls born 2017

2018-03-05 Hereford bull & heifer calves 2018 and NEWS!
2018-01-30 Hereford bull & heifer calves
2018-01-26 Hereford & Angus calves 2018
2017-12-05 NEWS!
2017-12-04 Hereford bullcalves 2017
2017-11-17 NEWS!
2017-11-03 Hereford bull calves
2017-08-27; Shetland pages 
2017-08-25 Hereford and Angus calves, wean weights added. 
2017-08-09 Hereford calves and Shetland ponies
2017-05-29 Hereford bull calves born 2017.
2017-02-25 Heifer calves born 2017.

All this years bull calves plus aprox 30 pregnant females sell via auction on SATURDAY the 29th of SEPTEMBER at the farm. 
(All bull calves with a too high birth weight or any other default will be sold to finnishing and not at the sale)


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Our main scource of income is in breeding pedigree Herefords. We also have a few pedigree Angus, som crossbred ewes, New Hampshire hens and pedigree Shetland ponies. We also own productive forest.

Einar & Miranda Lysell.
Address: Slättåkra Bårarp 314, 313 93 Slättåkra, Sweden
Home number: 0046 3569153 Mirandas mobile: 0046 706023678 Einars mobile: 0046 705715097
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