Bull calves born in 2015

Born from the end of December 2014 and later.
We weigh on a digital scale and all weights are adjusted through the official database.
No calves get creep feed. The bulls get fed 2kg organic pellets per day (plus haylage) until yearling weighed, after that either just haylage or grass.

Updated 2016-05-05
Updated 2015-07-27.
We have tested some of our bull calves for the polled gene and Hypotrichosis. If you are interested in any other of our cattle, we can test them to.

415 Bårarps Prosche (scurs)
Born: 2014-11-05 Slaughtered
BW 47kg. WW 343kg
Sire: 353 Bårarps Memphis
Dam: 1691 Munka Catalina ET
MGS: DR World Class

416 Bårarps Pandy
Born: 2014-12-05
BW 47kg WW 274kg YW 444kg
Sire: Lamport's Magnum
Dam: 7271 Bårarps Sandy
MGS: Cardinal av Munka ET

417 Bårarps Petter (scurs)
Born: 2014-12-18
BW 52kg WW 300kg YW 547kg
Sire: Triara Xcelorator
Dam: 7186 Bårarps Princess
MGS: Lamport's Magnum

418 Bårarps Pontiac
*Sold to Stefan Oweson, Origo Hereford & Gunnarbo Gård
Born: 2014-12-20
BW 40kg WW 301kgYW 549kg
Sire: Triara Xcelerator
Dam: 7317 Bårarps Lisa
MGS: Olympus av Munka ET

420 Bårarps Poco
Born: 2014-12-30
BW 46kg WW 300kg YW 527kg
Sire: Vokslev Eik
Dam: 7328 Bårarps Honeysuckle
MGS: Olympus av Munka ET

421 Bårarps Pantzar HYF
Homozygous polled

*Sold to family Abrahamsson, Sandhem
Born: 2015-01-21
BW 48kg WW 375kg
Sire: Square-D Deisel
Dam: 1650 Munka Donna ET
MGS: Remitall Olympian

This calf is pure Canadian breeding and out of one of the best cows in our herd.

He was 2nd in his class at the national show at Elmia 2015

422 Bårarps Passionate Kiss HYF & Homozygous polled
*Sold* for the highest bid of Pick of the Herd to Göran Johansson & Helena Jonsson, Galtås Hereford
Born: 2015-01-22
BW 45kg WW 348kg YW 580kg
Sire: Bare Mr You Tube
Dam: 1688 Munka Lady ET (Lady Roxanne)
MGS: Remitall Rob Roy
MGD: Bar-RZ Roxanne

Dam is 2 x Reserve Grand Champion. Shown by Miranda in the National Showmanship competition to Silver and Bronze. This calf is pure Canadian.


423 Bårarps Prince HYF & Homozgous polled
Born: 2015-01-23
BW 37kg WW 258kg YW 494kg
Sire: Bare Mr You Tube
Dam: 7338 Bårarps Catalina
MGS: ÄPH Super Tuborg

His dam is a heifer who won her class from 9 at the Elmia national show, shown by our daughter. Mirandas sister, Annika has won Silver with her in the national showmanship competition. 
The sire of 7338, ÄPH Super Tuborg was Suprem Champion at the national show in 2012.
The breeding of this calf is pure North American.

424 Bårarps Player HYF & Homozygous polled
*Went under the hammer for 65.000SEK (£5,573 aprox) at the sale of approved performance tested bulls, to Nils-Åke Johannesson, Ingemanstorp Hereford.
Born: 2015-01-25
BW 38kg WW 314kg YW 565kg
Averagde daily gain 1545gr.
Conformation legs: 88 Muscles 85 Body 85 Total 87.

Sire: Haroldson's Title Shot
Dam: 1651 Munka Mary ET
MGS: FCC 60G Maddux

424s dam has left Bårarps Morgan (Reserve Champion tjurkalv på Swedish National Hereford Show 2012) and 7339 Bårarps Amory (class winner and Reserve Champion Mila 2014).

425 Bårarps Putte
*Sold to Gun Jönsson, Öppinge
Born: 2015-01-25
BW 50kg WW 285kg YW 519kg
Sire: Vokslev Eik (DK)
Dam: 7334 Bårarps Honeysuckle
MGS: Adam av Herrgölet

Vokslev Eik is several times Champion in Denmark.
Sire of dam, Adam av Herrgölet is the sire of Bårarps Johnny, several times champion in Denmark and sire of champions and AI son as well as a champion son sold to England.

426 Bårarps Protector HYF & Homozygous polled
*Sold* for second highest bid at Pick of the Herd to Lennart Svensson, Hamra Hereford.
Born: 2015-01-26
BW 39kg WW 319kg
Sire: Haroldson's Title Shot
Dam: 1678 Munka Jackie ET (Lisa)
MGS: Star OBF Bogart
MGD: Haroldson's Lisa Sport

426 dam was Champion heifer and Reserve Grand Champion at Swedish National Hereford Show 2008 and Supreme Champion Hereford and 2nd interbreed champion at Elmia 2011.

427 Bårarps Percy
Born: 2015-01-30
*Sold to Ann-Marie Måttgård, Getinge
BW 48kg WW 262kg YW 492kg
Sire: ÄPH Super Tuborg
Dam: 841 GPH-BPH Lisa
MGS: Class av Munka ET

427s dam, 1691 Munka Lisa ET was Champion at Mila 2009 and is full sister to 1678 Munka Jackie ET.
His sire, ÄPH Super Tuborg wasSupreme Champion at Swedish National Hereford Show 2012.

428 Bårarps Pirat
One of our herd sires 2016
Born: 2015-02-01
BW 44kg WW 316kg YW 551kg
Sire: DNA testas
Dam: 7300 Bårarps Katie
MGS: Harvie Jackpot


429 Bårarps Perfect Day
Born: 2015-02-04
*Going to slaughter
BW 40kg WW 260kg 365D 400kg
Sire: Vokslev Eik
Dam: 55 Velvetee av Tahe
MGS: Harvie Jackpot

55 leaves great calves year after year. One of them, Bårarps Kinky was Champion bull calf at Agromek 2010 and one son has been sold to a breeder in Holland.

430 Bårarps Popcorn
*Sold to Bo Danielsson, Höganäs
Born: 2015-02-05
BW 42kg WW 271kg YW 469kg
Sire: 278 Bårarps King
PGS: CCR Stamina
PGD: 7053 BPH Omega ET
Dam: 7210 Bårarps Unique
MGS: BPH SuperStar ET
MGGS: CS Boomer

431 Bårarps Usain Bolt
*Sold to Kerstin Nilsson & Joakim Lund, Ålstorp
Born: 2015-02-07
BW 42kg WW 359kg YW 597kg
Sire: Solution av Sjövången.
Dam: 5560 Friskatorpets Bambina
MGS: Malt av Sjövången T108

This calfs dams first calf, Bårarps Toddy, has the record YW in Bårarp with 633kg (on silage and 2kg organic pellets per day)

432 Bårarps Polo
*Sold to Bo Nilsson, Varberg
Born: 2015-03-04
BW 45kg WW 301kg YW 524kg
Sire: Cardinal av Munka ET
Dam: 7325 Bårarps Omega
MGS: Olympus av Munka ET


433 Bårarp Hamra Pirelli ET
One of our herd sires 2016
Born: 2015-03-05
BW 37kg WW 271kg
Sire: Harvie Dan T-Bone 196T
Dam: Harvie MS Firefly 24U
MGS: BNMHPH 13P Heat 101S

Twin with 434.
Co-owned with Hamra Hereford.

434 Bårarp Hamra Picasso ET
*Sold to Folkestorp Hereford

Born: 2015-03-05
BW 36kg WW 290kg
Sire: Harvie Dan T-Bone 196T
Dam: Harvie MS Firefly 24U
MGS: BNMHPH 13P Heat 101S

Twin with 433.
Co-owned with Hamra Hereford.

435 Bårarps Pesto HYF & Homozygous polled
*Went under the hammer for 85.000SEK (Aprox £7,300) at the sale of approved performance tested bulls to Jan Nilsson, Gylteboda Hereford
Born: 2015-03-16
BW 41kg WW 342kg
Sire: Bårarps King
Dam: 7270 Bårarps Donna
MGS: Venture Moler ET

Mix 108 Pix 112 Fix 105 Aix +14

436 Bårarps Ugglarp (Angus)
Born: 2015-03-27
BW 49kg WW 371kg
Sire: Solution av Sjövången
Dam: 5090 Friskatorpet Erytrea
MGS: Friskatorpet Red Joy

Mix 96 Pix 102 Fix 91 Aix -5

437 Bårarps Pistol
Born: 2015-03-28
BW 37kg WW 312kg
Sire: Triara Xcelerator
Dam: 7333 Bårarps Genna
MGS: Munka Raider ET

438 Bårarps Paolo
*Sold to Christer & Marie Fransson, Rockneby
Born: 2015-03-29
BW 44kg WW 347kg
Sire: Cardinal av Munka ET
Dam: 7311 Bårarps Day
MGS: PP Galtås Dean

Mix 94 Pix 108 Fix 102 Aix +2

439 Bårarps Pride
*Sold to Bo Rahmberg, Veddige
Born: 2015-04-10
BW 41kg WW 328kg
Sire: Bårarps King
Dam: 7355 Bårarps Betsy
MGS: Lunda Etyl

Mix 105 Pix 107 Fix 107 Aix +10

440 Bårarps Pablo
Born: 2015-04-20
BW 49kg WW 332kg
Sire: Bårarps King
Dam: 7125 Bårarps Unique
MGS: Huth Prospector

Mix 96 Pix 104 Fix 95 Aix -1

441 Bårarps PowerPoint
*Sold to Gabriel & Ellie Persson, Ängelholm
Born: 2015-05-19
BW 45kg WW 334kg
Sire: ÄPH Super Tuborg
Dam: 7344 Bårarps Lisa
MGS: Redgate Redford


19 Hamra-Bårarp Dollar ET
One of our herd sires 2016
Born: 2015-03-13
BW 39kg WW 291kg
Sire: Harvie Dan T-Bone 196T
Dam: Harvie Ms Firefly 24U
MGS: BNMHPH  13P Heat 101S

Mix 99 Pix 92 Fix 100 Aix -4

Owned together with Hamra Herefords.

442 Bårarps
*Not for sale for breeding
Born: 2015-10-05
BW 50kg WW 248kg
Sire: Bårarps Morgan
Dam: 7298 Bårarps Gate
MGS: 142 Bårarps Hector

Mix 105 Pix 103 Fix 94 Aix +2

443 Bårarps Prelud
Born: 2015-10-17
BW 45kg WW 320kg YW 553kg
Sire: Bårarps Morgan
PGS: Olympus of Munka ET
PGD: 1651 Munka Mary ET
Dam: 7276 Bårarps Lynette
MGS: Munka Cardinal ET

Mix 103 Pix 114 Fix 101 Aix +10

This calf is grass fed only and has a very good yearling weight considering that!

Bårarps Morgan was Reserve Champion bull calf at the Swedish National Hereford Show in 2013. Dam is by one of our greatest herd sires ever.

This calf is HOT!