Herd sires

  • AI sires used 2018:
    Swedish sires: VB Nando, VB Ares
    Foreign sires: Triara Excellorator, Minlacowie Jubilant. JSF Dice
  • AI sires used 2017:
    Swedish sires: VB Nando
    Foreign sires: Wirruna Daffy D1 (Australia), Normanton 1 Laertes (UK), Bare Mr Youtube 4Y, Haroldson's Title Shot, Harvie Dan Hidalgo, AL 10Y Hometown Big Bang. 
  • AI sires used 2016:
    Swedish sires: VB Nando, VB Ozmo, VB Laf, VB Ares
    Foreign sires: AL 10Y Hometown Big Bang 7MA, Bare Mr You Tube 4Y, Haroldson's Title Shot, Triara Xcelorator 594X
  • AI sires used 2015 & 2014 :
    Foreign sires: Triara Xcelerator, Vokslev Eik, Square-D Diesel, Bare Mr You Tube, Haroldson's Title Shot, Global Force, RMR 1 Pilot (Denmark), Lamport's Magnum.
    Swedish sires: (only 2015): VB Nando av Bårarp och VB Ares av Folkestorp 
  • AI sires used 2013
    Swedish sires: VB Dalle,
    Foreign sires: NBG The Wonderer, Vokslev Eik (Denmark), Square-D Diesel, Global Force, Harvie Dan Hidalgo, Remitall Super Duty.

7601 Martin av Svanaholm T-106
Tested free for Hypotrichosis. Homozygous polled. 
Born: 2017-02-24
BW 40kg WW 347kg YW 595 kg
Sire:  Embassy ET av Svanaholm
PGS: NJW 8E 120J Embassy 81S ET
PGD: WLB 035J Flora 14N
Dam: 559 Daffodil av Svanaholm
MGS:  7415 Royal av Svanaholm

Mix 103 Pix 108 Fix 96 Aix +5

Linear score: Body 81, Muscles 78, Legs 84, Total 81
Marbling 4,1, fat 0,7 muscle depth 6,4.
Scrotal size 36cm, hoof status 8, frame score 6,8. Average daily gain 1708gr

Bought at the sale of approved performance tested bulls for 64.000SEK
He hade the highest score of all bulls, all breeds, at the sale for marbling! He is the complete package, combining low birth weight with high weaning and yearling weights. 

487 Bårarps Rolex ET
Free from Hypotrichosis through his parents

Born: 2017-01-12
BW 39kg WW 253kg YW 495kg
Sire: TH 223 71I Victor 755T
Dam: Remitall-West Marvel ET 76Y
MGS: SHF Wonder M326 W18 ET

Mix 99 Pix 107 Fix 105 Aix +6
Breeding values very low acuaracy due to no relatives in Sweden. 

Rolex was very sick during a few weeks in the summer as a calf and we were affraid he wasn't going to make it. But he did! We belive that explains his low weaning weight. 

Both parents have high value for marbling. (Sire +0.41 and dam +0.24 where the average in Canada is 0.08)
He has a full sister here at Bårarp, 7461 Bårarps Marvel ET who was Best In Breed at Mila 2018. She placed 3rd in the Interbreed competition. 

Used 2018
292 Bårarps Ringmaster ET

Free from Hypotrichosis through his parents 
Born: 2017-03-06
BW 36kg WW 267kg YW 498kg
Sire: TH 122 71I Victor 719T
Dam: Remitall Jade 257S
MGS: Remitall Olympian ET 262L

Mix 103 Pix 102 Fix 98 Aix +2
Breeding values very low accuracy due to no relatives in Sweden.

His sire is not to be mixed up with one below! Two different sires! 

Used 2016, 2017 & 2018
Besk of Stenlunda ET
and Homozygous polled.
Born: 2015-01-19
BW 34kg WW 338kg
Sire: CB 57U Can Doo 102Y
Dam: Remitall-West Marvel ET 76Y.
MGS: SHF Wonder M326 W18

Besk is full brother Remitall Start Me Up who sold for 160,000CAD. Besk was on sale on black friday and we gave only 10% of that price... Owned together with Lennart Svensson, Hamra Herefords.

Used 2016 & 2017
534 Buck av Folkestorp T-117 HYF

Born: 2014-01-08
BW 42kg WW 335kg YW 635kg
Average daily gain 1942 gr/dag.
Conformation lineage score: Legs 91 Muscles 89 Body 76 Overall 87
Marbling 1, fat 0,2 muscle depth 8,2.
Scrotal 39cm, Hoof status 10, Size type 6,6.

Sire: Golden-Oak Fusion 3S
Dam: 455 Goldilocks av Folkestorp (mor även till semintjuren Ares!)
MGS: Hasse av Stendala.

MIX 118 PIX 123 FIX 117 AIX +28

Buck was the record selling bull at the performance testing sale, sold for 115.000kr, Best In Test all breeds at the test station, Supreme Champion Hereford at the Elmia National Show and 2nd Interbreed Championship.
See a video of Buck below!

Used 2017 (sold at end of season)
449 Bårarps Quartz
Born: 2015-12-15
BW 47kg WW 280kg YW 546kg
Sire: Haroldson's Title Shot
Dam: 1688 Munka Lady ET (Lady Roxanne)
MGS: Remitall RobRoy

Mix 103 Pix 110 Fix 111 Aix +12

1688s bull calf from 2015 was sold at auction as pick of the herd and went on to be namned Reserve Grand Champion bull at Elmia! One sister is sold to Holland and another has been linear scored with VG 89 - the highest score in our herd thus far.
1688 her self has been 2 x Reserve Grand Champion. She is a tank of a cow (!) and her dam
was bred at Bar-RZ in Canada

Used 2016! (Also used 2017)
433 Bårarp Hamra Pirelli ET HYF
(through his parents)
Born: 2015-03-05
BW 37kg. WW 271kg
Sire: Harvie Dan T-Bone 196T
Dam: Harvie MS Firefly 24U
MGS: BNMHPH 13P Heat 101S

 Mix 98 Pix 92 Fix 101 Aix -5

He is just so kind - a real sweet heart. He is a twin out of a Charolais heifer recipient who has done a great job raising two calves. His brother is sold to Folkestorp Hereford
Better photo coming. This one is taken December 2015

Used 2016! (Also used 2017)
19 Hamra-Bårarp Dollar ET HYF
(through his parents)
Born: 2015-03-05
BW 39kg. WW 291kg YW 506kg
Sire: Harvie Dan T-Bone 196T
Dam: Harvie MS Firefly 24U
MGS: BNMHPH 13P Heat 101S


Earlier sires

404 Bårarps Oklahoma (Used as a sire in 2015)
Born: 2014-03-01
BW 48kg. WW 362kg. YW 605kg
Sire: ÄPH Super Tuborg
Dam: 7277 Bårarps Roxanne
MGS: Cardinal av Munka ET

Mix 98 Pix 116 Fix 97 Aix +7

An exiting bull calf.  His sire was Supreme Champion at the Swedish National Hereford Show 2012 and is the sire of VB Nando of Bårarp. Maternal grand dam, 1688 Munka Lady ET is 2 x Reserve Champion. 1688 has a daughter sold to Marten Koiter, Holland. A son, Bårarps Passionate Kiss, was sold to the chairman of our association as pick of the herd at a sale and later became Reserve Grand Champion at Elmia 2015, beating an AI sire at only 10 months of age!

403 Bårarps Oolala (Used as a sire in 2015)
Born: 2014-02-27
BW 37kg. WW 262kg. YW 471kg
Sire: Lunda Etyl
Dam: 7325 Bårarps Omega
MGS: Olympus av Munka ET

Mix 112 Pix 108 Fix 106 Aix +14

From one of our top cow families! His sire has bred an appreoved, performance tested bull. Smaller in frame, but lots of meat on him.

278 Bårarps King... is wandering the forever green pastures...
Born: 2010
BW 42kg WW 302kg YW 528kg

Sire: CCR Stamina
Dam: 7053 BPH Omega ET
MGS: Remitall Online

King has been breeding in two other herds. This is the first year we are using him. He has the same dam as Bårarps Jaguar - alltime high selling Hereford bull at the performance testing station, Champion, and winner of the SIRE-Prize

353 Bårarps Memphis
Born: 2012-01-30
BW 46kg 200D 348kg. 365D 601kg.
Sire: Harvie Dan Hidalgo
Dam: 7213 Bårarps Donna
MGS: Star Tohon

Mix 105 Pix 124 Fix 96 Aix +15

Memphis was Champion bull calf and Reserv
Grand Champion bull at the Swedish National Hereford Show 2012. Sold to Marten Koiter, Holland in February where he was linear scored with the following: Development 95, breed type 87, muscles 89, legs 89 and overall apprearance EX90 (!)

Memphis has sired Vrederijk Amber who was Reserve Junior Champion at the Dutch National Show in 2019. Bred by Marten Koiter and owned by Rick Eikelboom. 

Bårarps Memphis
Bårarps Memphis
A daughter of Memphis in Holland, Vrederijk Amber. Bred by Marten Koiter. Owned by Rick Eikelboom.
A daughter of Memphis in Holland, Vrederijk Amber. Bred by Marten Koiter. Owned by Rick Eikelboom.
7001 ÄPH Super Tuborg 7001 ÄPH Super Tuborg

 7001 ÄPH Super Tuborg
SUPREME CHAMPION, Swedish National Hereford Show 2012
Born: 2011-01-21.
BW 46kg WW 318kg YW 515kg.
Sire: Remitall Super Duty 42S
Dam: 283 Moeskaer Megan
MGS: K-Cow Nacho Man

Breeding values
Mix 100 Pix 105 Fix 104 Aix +4

This is the only bull in Sweden by Remitall Super Duty who was three times national champion in Canada. The dam is imported from Denmark.
Super Tuborg was Supreme Champion at the Swedish National Hereford Show 2012
Tuborg sired the highly commended AI sire VB Nando of Bårarp 


Photo of Tuborg taken in 2016
A Son of Tuborg, Swedish AI sire, VB Nando
A daughter of Tuborg, 7338 Bårarps Catalina
Cardinal av Munka ET Cardinal av Munka ET

Cardinal ET av Munka. Sold
Born 2008-03-17
BW 42kg. WW 347kg YW 596kg
Sire: HF 4L Beyond 36N
Dam: Saddle Valley Donna 833H
MGS: Remitall Boomer

The calves by Cardinal are truly fantastic! Why not visit us and see for your selves? Most have moderate birth weights combined with a high daily gain and great conformation!

Mix 84 Pix 116 Fix 98 Aix 0

Cardinal has sired Bårarps Kasablanka 2 x Grand Champion Bull.

7277 Bårarps Roxanne, a typical daughter of Cardinal and our highest linear scored cow
7277 Bårarps Roxanne, a typical daughter of Cardinal and our highest linear scored cow
Bårarps Kasablanka
Bårarps Kasablanka