Shetland ponies at Bårarp

Updated 2017-08-27
My husband began breeding standard Shetlands in the begining of the 1990's. We have been a couple since 1996. My mother bought a shetland for us in 1986 which I showed successfully at local shows in the UK.
Today we breed both standard and miniatures, starting with miniatures in 2014 when we bought Hwipped Cream (below.) 
We mainly show them but I have a great interest in harness racing which is a huge childrens sport here in Sweden and I am sure that it contributes the enormous popularity of Shetlands in Sweden. 

Licensed stallions

Oldvicarage Rock Me Amadeus. Miniature


Dalsgårds Juventus RS 526. Standard


Dalsgårds Odette
Hwipped Cream af Jäboruder (mini)
Strawberry (mini)
Mary Poppins. Out on loan
Bårarps Bella.


Bårarps Grace
Almnäs Honeybee (mini)
Almnäs Hot Bride (mini)

Foals born 2018

Bårarps Jody (mini)
Bårarps Joyride (mini)