Females born 2012 and earlier

Updated 2018-02-07

En explanation of Mix = Maternal Pix= Production Fix= Birthing traits and Aix = total merit index
100 is average higher is always good apart from Fix as the lower the number = more easy calving

Born 2005.
BW 43kg WW 295kg YW 405kg
Sire: Remitall Olympian
Dam: DXB 60G KATIE 58M.
MGS: JSF 23 Nibbs 60G.
MGD: Remitall Alvina 141.
MGGS: Remitall Keynote 20X.

Mix 111 Pix 110 Fix 94 Aix +9

1647 Munka Katie ET on photo with daughter 7196 BPH Katie who won the heifer calf class at the same show.
1647 Munka Katie ET is full sister to SMH Casanova in Danmark who was Grand Champion in Herning. A full brother is in Scotland, SMH Castro, named "Sire of the Year 2013"!

7248 Bårarps Katie is a daugher to 7196 by JSF Dice.
7248 is also the dam of the Swedish AI sire, VB Nando T-108 at Viking Genetics

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1650 Munka Donna ET
Born 2005
BW 44kg WW 268kg YW 387kg
Sire: Remitall Olympian
Dam: Saddel-Valley 46B Donna 933H.
MGS: Remitall Boomer 46B.

Mix 98 Pix 121 Fix 103 Aix +12

Linear scored 2015:
Body 79 Legs 85 Muscles 77 Total 80
Hight at rump 142cm 

Her first calf, a heifer by BPH Hollywood was a top heifer with YW 406kg She was sold for 40.000SEK to Kykeryd Herefords.

A grand daughter to 1650, Bårarps Memphis was Champion bull calf and Reserve Grand Champion bull at the Swedish National Hereford show 2012 and Reserve Champion at Mila 2014 and sold to Marten Koiter in Holland 2016. Memphis was linear scored in 2016 in Holland:  Development 95, breed type 87, muscler 89, legs 89 total 90!

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1651 Munka Mary ET
(Female offspring to be named Amory)
Born 2005
BW 35kg WW 240kg YW 382kg
Sire: FCC 60G Maddux 4L
Dam: DXB 203E Amory 10G
MGS: Saddle-Valley  Heisman 203E

Mix 103 Pix 101 Fix 103 Aix +4

Linear scored 2016:
Body 84 Legs 80 Mucles 74 Total 79
Rump height 141cm 

1651 is the dam of:
360 Bårarps Morgan, Reserve Champion bull calf Swedish National show 2012. 

7339 Bårarps Amory; 3rd in a class of 9 at the Elmia National Show 2013. Class winner at Mila 2014.

7364 Bårarps Amory 2nd and Reserve Champion at Mila 2015

424 Bårarps Player T-102 Sold for 65.000SEK at the sale of approved performance tested bulls, to Gylteboda Hereford.

453 Bårarps Quilchena T-101 sold for 47.000 SEK at the sale of approved performance tested bulls to Stenstad Hereford.

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7091 BPH Princess
Born: 2005
BW 43kg WW 259kg YW 356kg
Sire: Moeskaer Devon
Dam: 207 Princess av Backen
MGS: Jarl av Munka (H)

Mix 117 Pix 100 Fix 95 Aix +8

A daughter has been sold to Marten Koiter in Holland.

Born 2007. (Dead autumn 2017)
BW 40kg WW 305kg YW 455kg
Sire: Star OBF Bogart 5L
Dam: Haroldson's Lisa Sport 5H
MGS: GK Sport 562B

Mix 113 Pix 116 Fix 109 Aix +20

Linear scored 2015:
Body 83 Legs 90 Muscles 81 Total 86
Rump height 140cm 

Supreme Champion Hereford and 2nd Bäst In Show beef breed female at the Elmia national show, 2011!
Champion heifer at the Swedish National Hereford Show 2008!

7127 Bårarps Honeysuckle

Born: 2007

BW 42kg WW 264kg YW 424kg
Sire: Adam av Herrgölet
Dam: 338 Honeysuckle
MGS: Pahl Fortune (H)

Mix 106 Pix 97 Fix 96 Aix 0

A great cow that has bred great offspring year after year.

1688 Munka Lady ET (alias Lady Roxanne)
Female offspring to be named Roxanne
Born. 2008.
BW. 37kg. WW 307kg. YW 478kg.
Sire: Remitall Rob Roy 115R
Dam: Bar-Rz 23M Roxanne 81R
MGS: Bar-Rz 5J Mercury 23M
MGD: Bar-RZ 60G Leah ET 8L
MGGS: Jsf Nibbs 60G

Mix 102 Pix 117 Fix 103 Aix +13

Linear score 2015:
Body 81 Legs 82 Muscles 79 Total 81
Rump height 142cm 

Reserve Grand Champion Elmia National show 2011
Reserve Champion female Mila 2009

A daughter to "Lady Roxanne" is sold to Holland

A son to Lady Roxanne, 422 Bårarps Passionate Kiss chosen as Pick of the Herd at the Mila National show in 2015! Later on in the year he became  Reserve Grand Champion bull at the Elmia National show.
A daughter, 7277,Is the Highest linear scored cow in our herd with HH 89!

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7154 BPH Omega
Born: 2007
BW 45kg WW 289kg YW 432kg
Sire: K-Cow Nacho Man
Dam: 7053 BPH Omega ET
MGS: Remitall Online

Mix 110 Pix 113 Fix 97 Aix +12

7154 is full sister to Bårarps Jaguar who was the all time high selling bull at the performance testing sale in 77.000kr 2010. He has been Senior Champion both times he has been shown and even won  the first ever SIRE-Prize (sire of the year) at Elmia 2013

7186 BPH Princess
Born: 2008
BW 46kg WW 276kg YW 421kg
Sire: Lamport's Magnum
Dam: 207 Princess av Backen (H)
MGS: Jarl av Munka

Mix 104 Pix 103 Fix 93 Aix +1

7213 Bårarps Donna
Born: 2008
BW 40kg WW 285kg YW 412kg
Sire: Star Tohon
Dam: 1650 Munka Donna ET
MGS: Remitall Olympian

Mix 119 Pix 125 Fix 106 Aix +28

The dam of 353 Bårarps Memphis, Champion bull calf as well as Reserv Grand Champion bull at SNHS 2012 and Reserv Champion at Mila 2014

7238 Bårarps Princess
Born: 2009
BW 47kg WW 261kg YW 315kg
Sire: BPH Hollywood ET
Dam: 7091 BPH Princess
MGS: Moeskaer Devon

Mix 107 Pix 97 Fix 96 Aix 0

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7245 Bårarps Cosmo Lady
Born: 2009
BW 43 WW 243kg YW 372kg
Sire: CCR Stamina
Dam: 7076 BPH Cosmo Lady
MGS: Danne av Brunared

Mix 102 Pix 101 Fix 98 Aix +1

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7248 Bårarps Katie
Born: 2010
BW 37 WW 294kg YW 383kg
Sire: JSF Dice
Dam: 7196 BPH Katie
MGS: BPH Hollywood ET

Mix 108 Pix 102 Fix 118 Aix +10

The dam was the best heifer at the Swedish National Hereford Show, 2008.
7248 is the dam of the AI bull  VB Nando av Bårarp T-108

7251 Bårarps Katie
Born: 2010
BW 44 WW 305kg YW 460kg
Sire: CCR Stamina
Dam: 1647 Munka Katie ET
MGS: Remitall Olympian


7254 Bårarps Catalina
Born: 2010
BW 33 WW 256kg YW 366kg
Sire: VB Raider av Munka ET
Dam: 1691 Munka Catalina ET
MGS: DR World Class

Mix 105 Pix 108 Fix 114 Aix +11

Conformation: Body 86 Legs 83 Udder 80 Muscules 82 Total 85 Height at rump 137cm

The dam of 7338 has won her class of 9 entries at Elmia 2013

7270 Bårarps Donna
Born: December 2010
BW 47 WW 267kg YW 437kg
Sire: Venture Moler ET
PGS: BR Moler ET
Dam: 1650 Munka Donna ET
MGS: Remitall Olympian

Mix 110 Pix 119 Fix 105 Aix +19

Conformation: Body 80 Legs 86 Udder 80 Muscules 77 Toltal 81 Height at rump 140cm

Her son 435 Bårarps Pesto T-112 was approved at the performance testing station and was sold at the sale for 85.000SEK

7272 Bårarps Catalina
Born: 2011
BW 37kg WW 285kg YW 457kg
Sire: Cardinal av Munka ET
Dam: 1691 Munka Catalina ET
MGS: DR World Class

Mix 98 Pix 102 Fix 109 Aix +14

Robust cow with fantastic udder and teats. She is a pure Canadian.
Her brother (same dam) was sold to Holland 2012.

7276 Bårarps Lynette
Born: 2011
BW 40 WW 260kg YW 425kg
Sire: Cardinal av Munka ET
Dam: 507 GPH Lynette
MGS: Harvie Extra

Mix 107 Pix 112 Fix 110 Aix 15

A real beauty, would win any show, and is a realy good mother.

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7277 Bårarps Roxanne
Born: 2011
BW 43 WW 264kg YW 398kg
Sire: Cardinal av Munka ET
Dam: 1688 Munka Lady ET (Lady Roxanne)
MGS: Remitall RobRoy

Mix 102 Pix 117 Fix 105 Aix +13

Conformation: Body 73 Legs 80 Muscules 75 Udder 80 Total 75 Heigt at rump 140cm

Cow with a fantastic udder, teats and is a super mother. A realy good looking cow! Her sister was sold 2012 to a breader in Holland. Her dam was Reserve Grand Champion both times she was shown.

7284 Bårarps Velvetee
Born: 2011
BW 43 WW 348 YW 493kg
Sire: Class av Munka ET
Dam: 55 Velvetee av Tahe
MGS: Harvie Jackpot

Mix 110 Pix 131 Fix 95 Aix +21

7284 has the same dam as Bårarps Kinky that was sold to Bos Herefords in Denmark. He was Champion bull calf at Agromek.


7398 Bårarps Gate
Born: 2011
BW 40 WW 251kg YW 358kg
Sire: 142 BPH Hector
Dam: 7068 Bårarps Gate
MGS: Danne av Brunared

Mix 110 Pix 91 Fix 113 Aix +5

142 BPH Hector is a son to K-Cow Nacho Man ET and the dam 190 Moeskaer Sandy, by WTK Heston.


7299 Bårarps Honeysuckle
Born: December 2011
BW 40 WW 259kg YW 468kg
Sire: Olympus av Munka ET
Dam: 7185 Bårarps Honeysuckle
MGS: Double-U Real Good

Mix 103 Pix 122 Fix 107 Aix + 18


7300 Bårarps Katie
Born: December 2011
BW 47 WW 332kg YW 549
Sire: Harvie Jackpot
Dam: 1647 Munka Katie ET
MGS: Remitall Olympian

Mix 118 Pix 130 Fix 89 Aix +23

Daughter to Munka Katie ET who her self who was Supreme Champion from 70 entries at the Swedish National Hereford Show 2008 in conjunction with the world conference.

7311 Bårarps Day
Born: 2012
BW 43 WW 216kg YW 372kg
Sire: PP Galtås Deen
Dam: 1198 Origo Day
MGS: Origo Nibsson

Mix 100 Pix 101 Fix 93 Aix -1

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7313 Bårarps Katie
Born: 2012
BW 37 WW 363kg YW 381kg
Sire: Olympus av Munka ET
Dam: 7196 Munka Katie ET
MGS: BPH Hollywood ET

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7317 Bårarps Lisa
Born: 2012
BW 46 WW 300kg YW 407kg
Sire: Olympus av Munka ET
Dam: 1678 Munka Lisa ET
MGS: Star OBF Bogart

Mix 105 Pix 122 Fix 94 Aix +13

The dam was Supreme Champion at Elmia and 2nd Best In Show 2011.

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7320 Bårarps Beauty
Born: 2012
BW 50 WW 244kg YW 393kg
Sire: Olympus av Munka ET
Dam: 70 Beauty av Tahe
MGS: Harvie Extra

Mix 104 Pix 108 Fix 103 Aix 0

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7325 Bårarps Omega
Born: 2012
BW 39 WW 272kg YW 292kg
Sire: Olympus av Munka ET
Dam: 7053 BPH Omega ET
MGS: Remitall Online

Mix 108 Pix 108 Fix 103 Aix +11